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Those of you who’ve read our articles  about post.post_title for just about any length of time understand that we’re absolutely advocates for shipping container homes.

They are an excellent building material, and when used appropriately, they provide several positive aspects over traditional construction materials and strategies.

In this article, we will cover the primary benefits of establishing your house with shipping storage containers.

We’ll also cover up how to increase each one of these benefits.

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Longevity and Toughness

An often ignored advantage of shipping containers is their longevity and toughness.

Think about it, shipping containers are designed to carry beneficial cargo through incredibly dangerous weather conditions. While at beach, shipping containers can be put through 100 mile one hour winds and 50+ feet waves.

This durability and toughness is normally considered ‘over-spec’ when they are converted into homes. Which means that shipping containers are more than strong sufficient to be used as homes, especially when compared to different eco-friendly building products such as for example recycled plastics or straw bales.

However, to maintain this toughness, we recommend that you don’t cut out too much metallic from the storage containers. Removing sections of the wall space for doors, glass windows and room opportunities impacts the structural integrity on the box itself and involves the addition of additional steel beams to transport the load that has been held by removed metal.

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Also you must make sure to do normal maintenance on your own containers to avoid them from rusting

Flexibility (Off-Site Engineering)

One big benefit of building with shipping containers is that you could change them off-site.

If you’re planning to live in a remote region, building on-site comes with numerous obstacles: contractors will be difficult to acquire or expensive to have travel, shipping and delivery your materials and supplies will be expensive, and the availability of electrical energy and water essential for construction could be limited.

Instead, it is possible to convert your shipping and delivery containers within an urban area and once the fabrication/modifications are full, you can transport your finished house to your area. Or it is possible to pay an organization to create it for you at their manufacturing plant, then deliver you the completed container home.

This allows one to live in spots where traditional brick houses couldn’t be made.

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If you’re going to live in the wilderness, the cost of transporting your building materials and paying for contractors to travel that considerably may become much higher than shipping and delivery your finished container home to the site in one excursion.


Another fantastic benefit of building with shipping and delivery containers is the environmental benefit.

When individuals were surveyed about why they wished to live in a shipping container home, the second most common reply was because it is eco-friendly.

Within the last few decades, the number of people becoming more alert to their impact on the environment has been accelerating. Folks are researching to reduce their carbon footprint and be more eco-conscious.

A fantastic solution to do this would be to build your home from recycled products.

Each time a standard 40ft container is recycled, around 3,500kg worthy of of steel is usually repurposed.

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It’s estimated that each year around 500,000 delivery containers are left behind . You can also get several million transport containers that have already been empty. That’s a large amount of construction material.

So in case a shipping container residence build utilizes five standard shipping and delivery storage containers, around 17,500kg well worth of steel will be recycled.

Not to mention that because they build with containers you are not using other construction materials which damage the environment.


Without question, one of the primary reasons why folks build with shipping containers is basically because they are cost-effective.

Take a employed 40ft shipping box as an example. They expense around $1,800 and offer about 320 rectangular feet of living area. You only need to put 3 containers together and you also have practically 1000 square toes for under $6000.

You only have to go through the following samples:

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We’ve seen numerous shipping container houses built for under $50,000. In a period when more and more people are struggling to get their first house, it makes pot homes a very exciting proposition.

One of our favorite affordable builds is called the ‘The Taj Malodge’. It had been built back 2010 and is a 600 square ft . home built for well under $35,000.

However, this is where the adaptability of shipping storage containers comes in. Not absolutely all shipping container residences need to be affordable.

We’ve witnessed some shipping pot homes market for over $1,000,000. It certainly depends upon you, your allowance, and your thoughts.

If you’re looking for a more detailed selling price breakdown read through our article speaking about how much do shipping container homes cost.


Let’s focus on a caveat here: the reality of this statement depends on the design.

Having said that, kelowna container home can be built so they happen to be portable. To produce a shipping container house portable you must do a couple of things:

Bolt, don’t weld, the storage containers to the foundation, and to different containers (if your design has more than one)

Keep the trimming of containers to a minimum. If you minimize significant bits of steel out of the shipping containers you then decrease its structural integrity. This stops them from becoming stacked and transferred without substantial further steel reinforcement.

One man needed this idea to the extreme and created a complete portable shipping container home which he boats all over the world when he vacations with work.

Evan completely stripped out the box and built the ultimate portable guy cave. The side of the pot even opens up to provide more area!

His home includes a bunk bed, sofa, kitchen and eating area so when not in use can be closed down up because the original doors have already been left within the container.

Fast to Build

Another great advantage of building with kelowna container home is that the finished assembly can be done quite quickly.

Our case study around the Graceville Container Property clearly demonstrates this truth. Todd and Di Miller constructed their shipping pot residence in Brisbane, Australia. When it came to delivery and set up, 31 containers were brought on internet site and placed on the foundations in mere 2 days.

This equates to around 6,000 square feet of design laid down in 2 times, an interest rate that just isn’t possible with standard building methods.

Also, the complete home only required 16 weeks to create off-site, that is pretty remarkable considering the size and features of the home.

Among the reasons why transport container homes tend to be quicker to build than traditional houses is that the main structure of the house is typically finished when the storage containers are delivered.

Another great example of this is Container City. This business office block consists of 73 shipping pots and it simply took eight days and nights to deliver these to site and fit in them set up. Each shipping container was initially prefabricated beforehand and then transported to the site before getting hoisted up into location.

Unique Style

It’s fair to state that shipping container homes frequently have a distinctive start looking. It’s hard to fully capture this in one word, though folks have tried:

It truly is a like or hate partnership. Some people appreciate the appearance of shipping pot homes whereas other people dislike them.

The important thing to remember is usually that should you don’t particularly appreciate their external overall look, you can adjust this with outside cladding. Take for example WFH House built by Mads M?ller. They clad their shipping and delivery containers with solid wood and you also can’t really perhaps tell it is a shipping container.

While outside cladding is mainly for aesthetics, it has other benefits aswell. With regards to the kind of cladding used, it can actually enhance the insulative properties of your house.


We hope this short article about kelowna container home has helped to describe a number of the main benefits of building with delivery containers instead of other more standard building materials.

For us, both main benefits are the unique design and affordability.


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