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Those who’ve study our articles  about post.post_title for any amount of time understand that we’re undoubtedly advocates for transport container homes.

They are an excellent building material, so when used appropriately, they offer several benefits over traditional structure materials and procedures.

In this article, we will cover the primary benefits of building your house with shipping storage containers.

We’ll also cover how to maximize each one of these benefits.

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Resilience and Toughness

An often disregarded advantage of shipping containers can be their sturdiness and toughness.

Think about it, shipping containers are made to carry valuable cargo through incredibly dangerous weather condition. While at water, shipping containers can be put through 100 mile an hour winds and 50+ foot waves.

This toughness and toughness is normally considered ‘over-spec’ if they are turned into homes. This means that shipping containers tend to be more than strong enough to be utilized as homes, especially when compared to some other eco-friendly building products such as recycled plastics or straw bales.

However, to keep this toughness, we advise that you don’t cut right out too much metallic from the containers. Removing parts of the wall space for doors, windows and room opportunities affects the structural integrity from the container itself and requires the addition of additional metallic beams to carry the load that has been held by the removed metal.

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Also you must make sure to do standard maintenance on your containers to avoid them from rusting

Flexibility (Off-Site Structure)

One big advantage of building with transport containers is you could switch them off-site.

If you’re planning to reside in a remote place, building on-site includes numerous problems: contractors will be difficult to find or expensive to have travel, shipping your materials and supplies is certainly expensive, along with the availability of electrical power and water essential for construction could be limited.

Instead, you can convert your delivery containers in an urban area and then once the fabrication/modifications are complete, you can transfer your finished residence to your terrain. Or it is possible to pay an organization to build it for you personally at their manufacturing plant, then deliver you the finished container home.

This allows you to live in places where traditional brick homes couldn’t be designed.

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If you’re intending to reside in the wilderness, the cost of transporting your building materials and spending money on contractors to travel that significantly may become much higher than shipping and delivery your finished pot home to the website in one journey.


Another fantastic advantage of building with delivery containers is the environmental benefit.

When individuals were surveyed about why they wished to reside in a shipping box home, the second most common response was since it is eco-friendly.

Within the last few decades, the amount of people becoming more alert to their effect on the environment continues to be accelerating. Folks are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and be more eco-conscious.

A fantastic way to do this would be to build your house from recycled elements.

Whenever a standard 40ft box is usually recycled, around 3,500kg worthy of of steel is definitely repurposed.

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It’s estimated that each calendar year around 500,000 shipping and delivery containers are left behind . You can also get several million shipment containers that have already been discontinued. That’s a large amount of construction material.

So if a shipping container home build utilizes five standard transport storage containers, around 17,500kg value of steel will undoubtedly be recycled.

In addition because they build with containers you are not using other setting up materials which damage the environment.


Without question, one of the biggest reasons why folks build with shipment containers is because they are inexpensive.

Take a employed 40ft shipping container for example. They expense around $1,800 and provide about 320 rectangular feet of floor space. You only have to put 3 containers together and you also have almost 1000 square legs for under $6000.

You only need to look at the following cases:

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We’ve seen numerous shipping container homes built for under $50,000. In a period when more and more people are struggling to get their first house, it makes box homes a very exciting proposition.

One of well known affordable builds is named the ‘The Taj Malodge’. It was built back 2010 and is really a 600 square ft . home built for well under $35,000.

However, that’s where the versatility of shipping containers comes in. Not all shipping container houses have to be affordable.

We’ve seen some shipping box homes market for over $1,000,000. It certainly depends on you, your budget, and your creativeness.

If you’re looking for a more detailed value breakdown go through our article speaking about how much carry out shipping container homes cost.


Let’s focus on a caveat right here: the reality of this assertion depends on the design.

Having said that, container box home design can be developed so they will be portable. To produce a shipping container residence portable you must do a couple of things:

Bolt, don’t weld, the pots to the building blocks, and to other containers (in case your design has several)

Keep the reducing of pots to a minimum. If you reduce significant pieces of steel out of the shipping containers you then decrease its structural integrity. This stops them from staying stacked and carried without substantial more steel reinforcement.

One man had taken this idea towards the extreme and created a complete lightweight shipping container home which he boats around the world when he vacations with work.

Evan totally stripped out the pot and built the best portable male cave. The side of the container even opens around provide more place!

His home features a bunk bed, couch, kitchen and dining area and when not in use can be shut up because the original doors have already been left around the container.

Fast to create

Another great advantage of building with container box home design would be that the finished assembly can be carried out quite quickly.

Our research study for the Graceville Container Residence clearly demonstrates this reality. Todd and Di Miller created their shipping pot home in Brisbane, Australia. When it found delivery and assembly, 31 containers had been brought on web site and placed on the foundations in only 2 days.

This compatible around 6,000 square feet of structure laid down in 2 times, a rate that just isn’t possible with standard building methods.

Also, the complete home only required 16 weeks to create off-site, which is pretty remarkable taking into consideration the size and technical specs of the house.

One of the reasons why shipping and delivery container homes tend to be quicker to create than traditional houses is that the primary structure of the home is typically comprehensive when the pots are delivered.

Another great example of this is Box City. This office block includes 73 shipping containers and it just took eight days and nights to deliver these to site and suit them set up. Each shipping container seemed to be prefabricated beforehand and transported to the site before being hoisted up into spot.

Unique Style

It’s fair to say that shipping container homes frequently have a distinctive glimpse. It’s hard to capture this in one word, though folks have tried:

It really is a love or hate connection. Some people love the looks of shipping box homes whereas other folks dislike them.

The important thing to remember is usually that should you don’t particularly delight in their external appearance, you can modify this with external cladding. Take for instance WFH House built by Mads M?ller. They clad their shipment containers with timber and you also can’t really perhaps tell it’s a shipping container.

While exterior cladding is mainly for aesthetics, it includes other benefits aswell. Depending on the kind of cladding used, it could actually improve the insulative properties of your house.


We hope this short article about container box home design has helped to describe a number of the main great things about building with shipping and delivery containers rather than other more conventional building materials.

For us, the two main benefits will be the unique model and affordability.


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